Методическая разработка серии уроков для 7 класса

Методическая разработка серии уроков для 7 класса

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Приложение к уроку “Clothes People Wear”

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Tag Questions

Test Yourself

I. Choose the right ending.

1. Meg and Rita don’t like ice cream, ______?

A do they                   B do Meg and Rita    C don’t they              

2.  Billy was sitting next to you, ________?

A was Billy                B was he                     C wasn’t he

3.  I met Tina in Spain, ___________?

A did I                                   B don’t I                    C didn’t I

4.  There is nothing in the box, _________?

A isn’t there               B is there                   C isn’t it

5.  Sam won’t be back, ________?

A will he                     B won’t he                 C will Sam

6.  Let’s go to the park tomorrow, _________?

A will we                    B won’t we                C shall we

7.  Mother cooks very well, _______?

A don’t she                B doesn’t she              C doesn’t mother

II. Complete the sentences.

1.  No one is hungry, _________?

2.  This isn’t a nice picture, _________?

3.  Alice lives in Boston, ________?

4.  Kate, you can ride a bike very well, _____?

5.  The Smiths have got a tiny house, _______?

6.  You aren’t watching football, _______?

7.  Jane isn’t leaving for London in the evening, _______?

Check your answers using THE KEYS.

III. Use English Grammar in Use CD-ROM © Cambridge University Press


      Click and drag the correct answer from the blue box into each gap.

               1) You want to leave a note for Tom on his desk. You think you've found the

               right desk but you're not sure. You ask: 'This is Tom's desk, isn't it?'

                  2) You're in a cafe and you feel cold. You ask your friend to agree with you: 'It isn't very warm in here, is it?'


aren’t            do                   don’t                     have                haven’t isn’t            could              couldn’t                  shall                will



1     You need Becky's phone number. Perhaps Lisa has got it. You ask her:

'Lisa, you haven't got Becky's phone number,__    you?'

2     You've found some nice postcards. You show them to your friend
and ask:

'These are nice postcards,        they?'

3     Simon is going to the kitchen. You want him to get you a glass of
water. You ask him:

'Simon, you couldn't get me a glass of water,         you?'

  1. You lend your mobile phone to your friend. You say: 'Don't lose it,         you?'
  2. You don't think your friend is working tomorrow, but you want to check. You ask:

'You aren't working tomorrow,           you?'

6     You're staying at a friend's flat while he's away. You want to use his washing machine. Perhaps your other friend, Mark, will know how to use it. You ask him:

'Mark, you don't know how to use this washing machine,        you?'

7     There's a lot of work for you and your friend to do. You say to
your friend:

'We've got a lot to do today,          we?'

8     You're looking at a photo of your friend with her sister. You think
they look similar. You say to your friend:

'You look like your sister,       you?'

9     You and your friend are talking about how to get to a party. It's a
long way to walk and there aren't any buses. You ask:

'We could get a taxi,        we?

      10    It's going to be a nice day tomorrow. You say to your friend:

             'Let's go to the beach tomorrow,          we?

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