Методическая разработка серии уроков для 7 класса

Методическая разработка серии уроков для 7 класса

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Приложение к уроку “Tag Questions” (2)

Приложение 1.1

Use the correct answer to complete the sentence.

1.  A: Tom is very musical. He can play the saxophone really well.

     B:  ______ ? I didn’t know he had a saxophone.

             A Can he                   В Can’t he                  С Doesn’t he           

2.  You like green tea,... ? 

A don’t you                В do you                   С aren’t you

3.  I’m not ill,... ?

A are I                        В am I                         C aren’t I

4.  There is nobody in the room, …?

            A isn’t there               B is it                         C is there

5.  I am the oldest person here, …?

            A don’t I                   B am not I                  C aren’t I

6. Your daughter didn’t help you much,... ?

A did  she                  В had she                   C didn’t she

7.  Robert, open the window, …?

            A doesn’t he   B will you                              C shall we

8.  Let’s go to the cinema tonight, …?

            A  don’t we                B do we                    C shall we

 Приложение 1.2

Use the correct answer to complete the sentence.

1.  A: The film starts in ten minutes.

     B: ______? I thought it started in half an hour.

            A Does it                   B Doesn’t it                C Did it

2.  There is nothing in this box, …?

            A is there                   B isn’t there               C is it

3.  Sam can play basketball well, ... ?

            A doesn’t he               B can he                     C can’t he

4.  You are the new teacher,... ?

A aren’t you               В are you                    С don’t you

5.  I’m reading correctly,... ?

A aren’t I                    В don’t I                     С am not I

6.  It will be a nice day tomorrow, …?

            A isn’t it                     B will it                       C won’t it

7.  Let’s go to Scotland next month, …?

            A shall we                   B do we                     C don’t we

8.  Mary, feed the dog, …?

            A doesn’t she            B shall we                  C will you

Приложение 2.1

Use the correct pronoun in tags.

             it               they                 we                 he                 there                they          

                                        it                   you                   she                   it

1.  This is her new hat, isn’t …?

2.  Jane likes apples, doesn’t …?

3.  This bike belonged to Mary, didn’t …?

4.  Nobody is coming tonight, are …?

5.  Your cat likes bananas, doesn’t …?

6.  Sam, don’t drink cold water, will …?

7.  Your father is taller than I am, isn’t …?

8.  Let’s watch the news on television, shall …?

9.  There are a lot of fruit in the apple tree, aren’t …?

10.  The students can hear me, can’t…?

Приложение 2.2

Use the correct pronoun in tags.

             it            they                 we                 he              there                    they          

                                       it                   you                   she                  it

1.  There is a nice rose in the vase, isn’t …?

2.  This isn’t Kate’s dress, is …?

3.  Alice, don’t eat the ice cream, will …? You are ill.

4.  The boys can ride horses well, can’t …?

5.  Your mother is beautiful, isn’t …?

6.  Your dog likes porridge, doesn’t …?

7.  Let’s listen to classical music, shall …?

8.  No one is speaking with me, are …?

9.  Jim likes hot chocolate, doesn’t …?

10.  This new bike belonged to Andrew, didn’t …?

Приложение 3.1

Complete the sentences.

1.  I   …  a student, aren’t I?

 am not            am                   are

2.  Mike … have dinner at 2 o’clock, won’t he?

 will                 don’t               won’t

3.  We …  interested in this game, were we?

were                aren’t              were not

4.  There … nothing in the box, is there?

is                     isn’t                 are

5.  Alice … never do it, could she?

can                  could               couldn’t

6.  You … take my bike, may you not?

may                 may not           must

7.  They …  come here by bus, did they?

 don’t              didn’t              did

 Приложение 3.2

 Complete the sentences.

1.  You … take my book, may you not?

may not           may                must

2.  I … a pupil, aren’t I?

am not am                   are

3.  There … nobody in the room, is there?

is                     isn’t                 are

4.  Meg … never do it, could she?

can                  could               couldn’t

5.  The Browns … come here by train, did they?

don’t               didn’t              did

6. Sarah … have lunch at 1 o’clock, won’t she?

will                  don’t               won’t

7. They … interested in jazz, were they?

were                aren’t              were not

Приложение 4

52 Question tags (do you? isn't it? etc.)  First exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct question tag. Click a gap, then type

 your answer.

A: You aren't angry with me, are you?

B: No, of course not.

A: This room's too dark. We should have painted it a lighter colour, shouldn't we?

B: Yes, I think you're right.

1   A: Sam and Joe don't go the same college, ________?

    B: No. Sam goes to the same one as Kate.

 2   A: This CD isn't very good, ________?

      B: No, not really.

 3   A: You haven't seen today's newspaper, __________?

      B: No, sorry.

 4   A: We could afford a holiday this summer, ______?

      B: Maybe. I'm not sure.

 5    A: Rachel didn't enjoy the meal very much, ________?

      B: No. She hardly ate anything.

 6    A: Don't eat all the biscuits, ______?

       B: No. Don't worry.

7     A: You would tell me if there was anything wrong, ______?

       B: Yes, of course.

8      A: Let's watch a video this evening, _______?

       B: OK. That's a good idea.

9      A: Paul and Helen were expecting us to bring some food to the picnic, _______?

        B: Yes, I'm afraid they were.

10    A: I'm the oldest person here, _______?

        B: No, I think I am.

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Приложение 5, 6, 7

Приложение 8

Score Card

Name of the Team ___________________



Score of the team



Individual Score

A Dark Horse

Task 1 Use the correct answer to complete the sentence.  (max.

 8 points)




Task 2. Use the correct pronoun in tags. (max. 10 points)


Task 3. Complete the sentences. (max. 7 points)


Troubles from the Computer

Using English Grammar in Use CD-ROM, complete the sentences with correct question tag.

(max. 10 points)



















Answer Our Questions and We’ll Answer Yours

Choose the picture. Make up tag questions. Write down them into your exercise-books.

(max. 10 points)








Приложение 9

Your score

36 –45

24 – 35

< 24

Your mark



Revise the grammar, please.