Методическая разработка серии уроков для 7 класса

Методическая разработка серии уроков для 7 класса

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Приложение к уроку “Tag Questions” (1)

Приложение 1

Examine the sentences and say what their structure is.

1. Autumn is beautiful, isn’t it?

    Autumn isn’t rainy, is it?

2. The leaves are yellow, red and brown, aren’t they?

    The leaves aren’t green, are they?

3. It was warm last year, wasn’t it?

    It wasn’t cold last year, was it?

4. People could wear light clothes, couldn’t they?

     People couldn’t wear light clothes, could they?

5. Jane has got a nice umbrella, hasn’t she?

    Jane hasn’t got a nice umbrella, has she?   

6. It seldom rains, doesn’t it?

     It doesn’t often rain, does it?

7. But it often rained last year, didn’t it?

     But it didn’t often rain last year, did it?

8. Sam doesn’t like it when it snows, does he?

    Sally likes it when it snows, doesn’t she?

Приложение 2

      Examine the sentences.

  • I am your friend, aren’t I?
  • This is your new dress, isn’t it?
  • There are a lot of sunny days in summer, aren’t there?
  • There was no strong wind yesterday, was there?
  • Susan doesn’t have early breakfast, does she?
  • The children had a lot of fun yesterday, didn’t they?
  • No one is ready to put on this funny hat, are they?
  • Your children may choose their own clothes, may they not?
  • Let’s go to the theatre this evening, shall we?
  • Let’s visit Helen tomorrow, shall we?
  • Sit down, will you?
  • Don’t eat any biscuits, will you?
  • Have a seat, won’t you?