Модальные глаголы : dare, should, had better, need to, ought to

Модальные глаголы : dare, should, had better, need to, ought to

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 Ought to

Ought имеет толь­ко одну форму и тре­бу­ет после себя ин­фи­ни­тив с ча­сти­цей toOught вы­ра­жа­ет необ­хо­ди­мость со­вер­ше­ния дей­ствия в силу об­ще­при­ня­то­го мне­ния от­ра­жа­ю­ще­го об­ще­при­ня­тые суж­де­ния, мо­раль­ные прин­ци­пы, обя­за­тель­ства и т. д.

На­при­мер:     What he is doing is illegal, we ought to report it to the police.

                        You ought to attend office regularly.

                        Don′t forget about Mick′s birthday, you ought to buy him a present. 

                        He ought to ashamed of himself.

                        We ought to buy some furniture.

                        He said that we ought to find the way out.

Not:     He oughts to be ashamed of himself.

Мы прак­ти­че­ски ни­ко­гда не упо­треб­ля­ем ought to в во­про­си­тель­ных или от­ри­ца­тель­ных пред­ло­же­ни­ях. Вме­сто этого мы ис­поль­зу­ем мо­даль­ный гла­гол should.

На­при­мер:     Ought we (to) help him?

                        or Should we help him?

                        We ought not (to) lose faith.

                        or We shouldn′t lose faith.

Со­кра­щён­ная форма oughtn′t прак­ти­че­ски не встре­ча­ет­ся ни в уст­ной, ни в пись­мен­ной речи. Ча­сти­ца to в во­про­си­тель­ных и от­ри­ца­тель­ных пред­ло­же­ни­ях может опус­кать­ся.

Да­вай­те по­тре­ни­ру­ем­ся вы­пол­нять за­да­ния:

13.  Which of the following sentences is correct?

a)      I ought to not go.

b)      I ought not to go.

c)      I don′t ought to go.

d)     I ought to don′t go.

State if the following sentences are correct (C) or wrong (W)?

14.  Mike oughts to know the truth.

15.  We ought to ignore their offences.

16.  Ought I to solve the problem?

17.  You don′t ought to dress up for this party.

18.  Do we ought to write a report?

19.  I realized that I didn′t ought to leave her alone.

20.  The teacher said that the students ought to pass the test.

21.  You ought not to be so rude to women.

Про­верь себя

1. has to, 2. must, 3. have to, 4. had to, 5. must, 6. had to, 7. needn′t, 8. need to, 9. need, 10. need, 11. need, 12. need, 13. B, 14. W, 15. C, 16. C, 17. W, 18. W, 19. C, 20. C, 21. C.