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Альбина Геннадьевна

Альбина Геннадьевна
43 лет

Россия, Волгоград
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Альбина Геннадьевна
Диалог с другом о Волгограде (на английском языке)

You: Have you ever been to Volgograd?

Your friend: No, I haven't. What about you?

You: I was there last summer.

Your friend: Is it worth  to visit?

You: Oh, yes, sure! It's really beautiful city.

Your friend:Why do you think so?

You: There many places to visit and see.

Your friend: What do mean?

You: Oh, Mamaev Kurgan, first of all. It's a wonderful place.

Your friend: Is it really situated on the hill?

You: Yes, really!

Your friend: I've seen many photos of this monument.

You: And I saw it with my own eyes! It's unforgetable place. You should go there as soon as possible.

Your friend: What place did you visit except Mamaev Kurgan?

You: The historical museum which they called Panorama of Stalingrad Battle.

Your friend:What impressions did you have there?

You: Very good. It's an amazing place too. If you ever are in Volgograd you should go and see it.

Your friend: You are a good teller. I want to visit this city. How did you get there?

You: By plane.

Your friend: Oh, were you afraid?

You: Why? No, it was very interesting.

Your friend: Thank you for conversation.

You: You are welcome.


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