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Альбина Геннадьевна
Марк Твен. "Приключения Гекельбери Финн" (мини сочинение), 6 класс

The author is Mark TWAIN, his real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens, he was born on November, 30 in 1835 in the U.S.A, so he was an American writer and journalist.
The title of a book  – "The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn"
The book was published in 1884.
The genre of the book is adventure.
A few words about the author: Mark TWAIN’s House in Hartford now is his personal Museum and it is declared a U.S. national historic treasure.
A crater on Mercury was named in honor of TWAIN. There is only one street named after Mark TWAIN in Russia, it is located in Volgograd.

In his book the author talks about friendship and relationship between people.

Huck Finn is Tom Sawyer's friend, who despises the rules and procedures, he  likes  free life and freedom. The widow Douglas failed to teach him good manners, he ran away from his home once again and set off for an adventure and dangers. Together with the escaped slave Jim, he found himself on the island, and he made friends with rogues Duke and the King, who sold Jim into slavery. Desperate and resourceful Huck with the same reckless and the brave boy Tom Sawyer, tried to save Jim. Only true friendship and mutual help them to remain alive and to get out of difficult situations.

The characters of the novel Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, Senior fin, Jim, the Duke, the King, miss Watson, widow Douglas, judge Thatcher, Led, Mary and others are very different, but interesting and sincere people.

This book would be interesting for people of different ages, but  it will appeal to boys and girls, because I really read it in one breath.

I liked this good and very funny book, full of adventures and dangers, it is interesting and exciting and it teaches us to think about honest friendship and devotion, loyalty and decency.

I did not like Injun Joe, because he is a cruel and evil man.

This book is very interesting, but I like the book "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" more than it.


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