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Альбина Геннадьевна
My favorite book - "Stories about Sherlock Holmes" (9 класс)

My favorite book is  "Stories about Sherlock Holmes" by A. Conan Doyle about his famous detective Sherlock Holmes. 
The main character of the famous detective and his description is known by everybody: pipe, violin, and the ability to solve the most complicated crimes, not even leaving his room. His friend and constant helper  is Dr. Watson. He's not as smart as Holmes, but he is kind and brave. 
In stories about Holmes and Watson, there is one more character who constantly appears in Conan Doyle's house. This is a professional investigator of London police from  Scotland Yard Lestrade. Lestrade respects Holmes and constantly turns to him for help in difficult cases. 
Conan Doyle wrote his stories so masterfully that readers can follow the investigation by themselves and take part in it. It's more interesting than to do crosswords and puzzles, because it's always great to take part in the investigation of the crime, even if you just read a book. 
I like that Sherlock Holmes always wins in the fight against criminals. He is my favorite literary character, because usually he finishes up everything to the end, he is very intelligent and knows a lot.

Друзья мои, буду очень признательна, если Вы, заметив ошибку, сообщите мне о ней)

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