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Альбина Геннадьевна
My favourite movie "The Dallas club buyers" (топик - 9 класс)

"The Dallas club buyers" is an American drama film made by director Jean-Marc Vallee. The world premiere took place in September 2013 at the international film festival in Toronto, in the broad American hire film was released two months later. The film is about the misfortune of people with AIDS and about the way of survival. It's about drama, because it turns out despite a deadly diagnosis people live, rejoice and suffer, love and hate. The main character is doing everything possible to relieve their suffering and prolong their lives. This film is not recommended to watch adolescents up to 17 years, but I believe that children and adolescents should know about the terrible disease of our century and learn to avoid it. Ignorance of the problem does not mean its solution.

The main role is played by Matthew McConaughey. The picture was very warmly accepted by the world cinema critics, they noted brilliant acting almost  entire ensemble, particularly McConaughey and Jared Leto. Both were key contenders for the award "Oscar-2014" and the both were awarded by the Golden globes and Oscars for their reincarnation.

Друзья мои, буду очень признательна, если Вы, заметив ошибку, сообщите мне об этом)


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