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Альбина Геннадьевна

Альбина Геннадьевна
43 лет

Россия, Волгоград
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Альбина Геннадьевна
Проект "Вредные советы" (английский язык - 8 класс

1. Throw rubbish just in the yard of your house.

2. When walking down the street, throw the wrappers from candy and ice-cream just onto the pavement.

3. Cut trees and shrubs, when you are in the forest.

4. Plant a fire directly under the trees and not extinguish it when you leave home.

5. Throw rubbish out of the car window when you are traveling through the countryside.

6. Do not take care of the plants around your house.

7. Do not clean the street where you live.

8. Do not remove the garbage in the park near your school.

9. Do not worry about the nature of your native land.

10. Do not worry about the cleanliness and comfort around your house.


Буду очень признательна, если Вы найдете ошибку и сообщите мне о ней)


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