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Альбина Геннадьевна

Альбина Геннадьевна
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Россия, Волгоград
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Альбина Геннадьевна
Диалог "Куда поехать отдыхать" (английский язык)

- Let's discuss our journey. 
-  We have nothing to discuss, we'll go to the sea. 
- To the sea? What are we going to do there? I want to go to the mountains!
 - What can we do at the seaside? I wonder! Of course, to swim and sunbathe, to watch dolphins and ride a catamaran. 
- Oh, not again to swim!!! 
- And what will we do in the mountains? 
- To climb to the peak and put up a tent, to sleep under the open sky and make a fire, to bake potatoes, barbecue and sing songs playing the guitar. 
- And in the evening there will be swarms of biting insects, and then you will have itch for ages! 
- And you will burn under the sun and get a sunstroke! 
- But in the evening we'll have a walk along the seashore, watching the ships and enjoying the silence. 
- I'm not convinced. 
- What can we do? 
- Why don't you go with my mom to the sea, and I'll go to the mountains with my friends! 
- Oh, no! I'll better go to the mountains with you than with your mother to the seaside. 
- That's good. Let's choose the route!  

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