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Альбина Геннадьевна
Мини-сочинение "Mount Rushmore"

The work was carried out under the leadership of the American sculptor Hudson Borglum. In the autumn of 1927 Borglum being in age of 60 years began carving presidents of the United States. This work continued for 14 years,  more than 400 people were involved in . In order to climb to the top of the mountain, it was required to overcome five hundred steps. Some "lucky" workers climbed to the top every day.

The work was very dangerous, because the carving was made with dynamite.

Hudson Borglum had no time to enjoy his work - he died before carving od the presidents was completed. The work was completed by his son Lincoln.

Mount Rushmore is one of the most important national monuments in the USA. Its height is more than 18 meters, presidents noses is about 6 meters each, and their mouths stretched in length not less than 5 meters. Annually the monument is visited by more than 2,5 million tourists of all ages and nationalities.


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