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Альбина Геннадьевна
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Альбина Геннадьевна
Письмо другу о поездке в Польшу

Hi, Alex. 
I am very glad to hear from you again. I have not written to you for ages because I wasn’t in.I was in Poland. I would like to tell you about my travelling that was really magical. Great weather and a lot of sightseeing made me happy. We spent there more than two weeks and they are great. Poland is a wonderful country! As we Polish children  play games such as soccer, volleyball, hockey and streetball which is like our basketball. The mountains provide hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Camping, swimming and fishing are popular activities in the summer. The most beautiful places in Warsaw are Wilanow Palace, Warsaw Barbican, a monument to Chopin one of the great composer in the world, the Cathedral of St. John and some others. There are many pretty cafes, large and small cinemas and theatres,shops and markets, nightclubs in the centre of the city. We lived in the nice hotels and everywhere in the evening there were a lot of various cultural and sports events. We played volleyball, table tennis and football, dance and have fun. We had very good neighbors. There was a large family and I was glad that they had a boy of my age. We became friends. 
It’s all for me for today.
Write soon. I am always pleased with your letters. 
Best regards to your family and friends. 

Буду признательна, если Вы найдете ошибку и сообщите мне о ней)


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