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Альбина Геннадьевна
Symbols of Scotland: flag and anthem, kilts and bagpipes.

Symbols of Scotland: flag and anthem, kilts and bagpipes.

The flag of Scotland is called "shelter" and it looks as Andreevsky flag there is a blue background and oblique white cross. Scottish "Shelter" is considered the oldest flag used in Europe. The size of the sides of the flag are not strictly regulated, but the most often the cloth to the relations of the parties 2:3 and 3:5 meters is used.

The following symbol of Scotland is the Royal coat of arms. Red heraldic lion on a gold field attends the coats of arms of all Scottish kings.

The Royal coat of arms of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Scottish bagpipe is another symbol of Scotland, in fact, it is a tank made of turned inside out the skins of goats or sheep with attached eight handsets. One of the pipes has a slot opening.        Tartan or "Scotch" is a fabric with vertical and horizontal strips of which they sew kilts, national clothes, it is also called the symbol of Scotland.

  Unofficial symbol of Scotland is called the flower of Thistle. Its images you can find in many coats of arms, coins and emblems. It became one of the symbols of Scotland because as the ancient Scottish legend said prickly Thistle, saved its people from the unexpected attack by the Vikings. Vikings, crossed the river, barefoot, was screaming with pain, and Scottish people woke up. Since then, the Thistle flower of Scotland is at a premium.

"Typical" and colorful member of the Scottish people, or "what is the Scot?".




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