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Альбина Геннадьевна
Мини-сочинение-реклама "AirPlay-the dynamics of JBL SoundFly Air with unusual design."

AirPlay-the dynamics of JBL SoundFly Air with unusual design.
Famous JBL company has recently announced about the release of its new wireless speakers, which is aimed at lovers of products from Apple.But in contrast of all other similar devices, SoundFly Air looks quite unusual, because you will need to insert it directly into a power outlet. So if your power source is on the level of your height, you can easily attach the speakers to the wall. Because the device is supported by AirPlay, you have to use your home Wi-Fi network to connect to. Besides, the company decided to make the process of communicating with this device as simple as possible, you can now download a free app, and through it, the connection will be really instant. And as an added benefit, you can download the album art along with the music, adjust the volume, and other settings playback using this application.In addition to the remarkable design, these speakers can also boast of excellent quality to play any of your favorite music, power SoundFly Air is 20 Watts.So if you want to find a good audio companion for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, feel free to buy JBL SoundFly Air. 
The price for this audio device is about $ 200.


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